Annual meeting 2020 – Programme

Despite the postponement of the annual meeting in Stockholm, the Interest Group will convene its annual meeting online on ‘biases and international adjudication’ on the 10th of September from 10 am to 4 pm CET. The programme is the following:

Tikumporn Rodkhunmuang (Zhejiang University) – A Reappraisal of International Adjudications: Asian Perspectives or Biases?

Éva Grünwald (University of Pécs) – Ruling on or out the implicit – Methodological suggestions for the measurement of the role of biases and implicit social cognition on the work of international courts and third party decision making bodies

Relja Radović (MPI Luxembourg) – On the Concept of Unneutrality: Putting Judicial Biases in Context

Benedikt Pirker (University of Fribourg) and Izabela Skoczeń (Jagiellonia University in Cracow) – Is Ordinary Meaning a Moral Concept? An Experimental Investigation in International Legal Interpretation

Caroline de Lima e Silva (Göttingen University) – Domestic courts’ structural bias and the reception of the Inter-American Court’s jurisprudence

Catharine Titi (CNRS/Paris 2) – Nationality and Judges ad Hoc on the International Bench: The Pendulum between Bias and Legitimacy